March 2, 2016

Bye Bye Security Blanket

Hey Team,

My beloved boss has found a new position. Though I'm excited for his great opportunity, I'm very, very sad. I only cried three times last week, and this week I've been able to hold it together a little better. I don't mean to be dramatic, and I don't mean to act like this is the end of the world. But when someone makes you feel like you can do anything, and encourages you until you actually believe it, that's a tough change to accept, and a major loss of a fantastic mentor and friend. I'm doing my best, and I don't need to know everything tomorrow, or what the next few months looks like. Sometimes it just takes a little push out of your comfort zone for magic to happen, or a leap in this case. In the meantime, Mat also helps. Here's a favorite version of one of his songs by the famous PS22 Chorus.

I swear, we're gonna make it,


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