December 27, 2014

The Best of 2014

Hey Team,

So I'm going to beat all of you to the punch of writing about your past 365 days. We all do it, and don't you dare deny it.

I think what most of those posts and lists are missing is the moments. It's mostly, I accomplished X, Y, or Z. I went to A, B, or C place. Having just seen Into the Woods last night, I'm obviously reflecting on moments instead of accomplishments. (It was fabulous by the way, walk don't run to your nearest movie theater)

My moments included in no particular order:

                                      Gasping over the coldness that is Starvation Reservoir in June

                                      Turning the knob on my radio up in Red Baron so I can belt to many songs                                            that may be considered guilty pleasures

                                       Not recognizing drug paraphernalia being offered to me a concert

                                       Tearing up at the drop of a hat over everything from puppies, to Christmas                                            music, or a really good commercial

                                       Crocheting with my best friend, you read that right

                                       Swiping, scrolling, zooming, typing, turning, searching

                                       Looking at some spectacular sunsets, most of which came in 3rd and 4th qtr

                                       Making others laugh, either at my expense or on purpose

                                       Hosting my first fancy Christmas dinner party

                                       Saying no when I could have said yes

                                       Dancing in the kitchen to Ella alone

                                       Buying a car on my own

                                       Got the highest score in Lazer Tag

                                       Commissioned a piece of art

                                       Played my first game of croquette

                                       Forgot the words to Summertime

That was 2014 for me.

Happiest of New Year's to you and yours,


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