December 17, 2013


Hey Team,

So my older sister is moving out on Thursday. I don't know how to approach it. On one hand, she's the person I do most everything with, go to movies, dinner, church, shopping at Target, etc. So there's some sadness there. Also, I'm the one actually helping her move her stuff, so we'll see how that goes. But on the other one, she's leaving snoozefest Davis County, and she's going to meet so many new people and have new adventures that will happen outside of Bountiful. So I thought I'd post a list of my favorite things about Jessica, and what I'll miss the most.

Making Jessica Laugh
Now this is one of my favorite pass times. The best is when she's watching some comedy on the computer in her room next door, and her ecstatic laughter ringing off the walls. This picture was at Karly's wedding, and I must have cracked some joke, and I'm so glad someone captured it.

Playing with Ezma 
It's been such a blast living with this crazy dog together. We usually give her baths together on Saturday, and have to coax Ezma into the bathroom with a few treats on the counter. She'll usually shake off on us before we've even put on the doggie shampoo, and it always makes me laugh. So toweling off this little critter alone or with Debby will be pretty interesting moving forward.

Seeing firsthand how she's rocking her life
This girl has come so far. I guess we all do in our own ways, but she really has overcome so much, and I've seen it from a distance and up close with her living at home. Being my polar opposite, that is responsible, organized and shy, she has truly come into her own. She is just the best sister to me, and there are few times I feel worthy of all that she does for me.

So I'll miss ya Jess, but I'm sure we'll talk sometimes. :)

Here's to great family.


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