November 4, 2013


Hey Team,

So if you've ever seen the first Thor movie, you know that for most of us it was kind of hard to get through. You didn't really know why there was a rainbow connection on this other planet, and why Thor and his love interest didn't really stick their first kiss. So to say that I have higher hopes for the second Thor film is a bit of an understatement. (I'm seeing it Saturday! Yahoo!) It just has to find it's groove, and figure out how to keep getting better with each film. Plus during the interim we've all found Tom Hiddleston and filled that space in our hearts where he has been missing.

So for my ward Halloween Party, I went as Thor. I found a simple shirt that looks like his armor, and a plastic mask that was slightly bent, but it worked just fine. But the hammer you ask? Yes, it was nowhere to be found. I was very disappointed in davis county shopping choices that Friday night. So I pulled my Pinterest pants up, and I made one myself, out of a hideous lunchbox and a plunger. I wrapped it in silver shiny duct tape, and a costume prop was born. So excited to wear it to work Thursday like I'm 12 again. Hope you loved your costume this year too!

P.S. Jessica was a cereal killer. Fruit Ninja could also apply. 

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