November 6, 2013

My Plug for Hook

Hey Team,

The post title may be a tad confusing to you. But here's the deal. I watch Once Upon A Time, and I think it's a pretty rad show. The show's writers take your average disney, fairytale, or the like, and the throw you a curve ball. Probably my favorite part of the show is that one character can play many roles, if that makes any sense. You kind of have to watch the show to get it.

So here's my soapbox of why Emma and Hook should be together. (*Well, at least for more than one episode.) ***Spoiler Alerts to come.

So here's the best part about both characters. They've both been through a ton of crap in their lives. Emma is an orphan, Hook lost his first love, etc etc you get the point. So they are both really tough and really strong despite so much drama in their lives.

When Emma thinks that Neal has died, obviously she's devastated. Her baby daddy is her first/true love, and that totally stinks. Duh.

But Hook, as we have seen this and last season, has the hots for her. SO when they kissed last episode, the world exploded. But now that Neal is alive, who does Emma choose?

Here's my opinion. Emma should give Hook a chance, since he's really trying to be a better person because of her. They have awesome chemistry, and with both of them having all that first love stuff out of the way, for the most part, they really wouldn't take anything for granted in the relationship. I think it would make for an interesting love triangle, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Here they are laughing in the dressing room. Can you say perfect?

Here's to Never Never Land,


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