September 5, 2013

The Carrot that Saved the Wedding

Hey Team,

Sorry it's been a hot second since my last post. I've been vacationing and back-to-schooling and it has taken me by surprise how fast August went. It's the 5th of September? Seriously calendar?

But I've just come back from a sweet vacation in Seattle with the fam. My brother Jordan got married, and so we all flew up for the occasion. The weather was perfect, toasty and humid, but better than rain all weekend! It was my second time in the city, and somehow I was more lost than the last trip even with GPS in the car. But we always found our way, and I loved seeing more of the city than I was planning on.

So first things first. Madison is my new sister-in-law, and she is the most wonderful person ever. I am so happy/excited/overjoyed that those two found each other and are off for a couple of days for a honeymoon in Vegas. They are the perfect match for each other. Here they are being silly on the big day.

We threw Madison a shower a few months back, and it further confirmed how well she knows and loves Jordan, and also that she was a perfect addition to our family. Other than the lemonade fiasco, it really was a great shower. (We had a two spigot water dispenser thing, and Debby tightened one side too much. Poor Susan was going to get some lemonade after I filled it back up with an entire pitcher. Disaster struck, and it broke open. Safe to say the floor was super sticky when everyone left, but no one seemed to mind.)

So you are probably still wondering about the title of the post. Well, when you have a one year old in the wedding party, things are bound to go wrong. Penny could have cried, fussed, or crawled around distracting from the beautiful wedding taking place. But Jentry had a stroke of genius, and gave Penny a baby carrot to munch on during the proceedings. It really did save the day.

Many of my extended family members even flew up for the wedding, here are some highlights. 

Myself, Penny my niece, Jentry, Jessica and Molly

Auntie Cath and Penny

My old man John looking handsome in his Vera Wang Tux.
The only thing that beat the tux was dancing to blurred lines with John doing his signature dance moves.
P.S. He only knows the song because Jimmy Fallon did a better version on his show.
Madison surprised Jordan with a Tesla Roadster to ride to the hotel in. He almost peed his pants on the spot. 

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. It went by so fast, but it was wonderful to have my whole family back together again. Thanks to everyone who made it so special for my family, especially the Graham Family and Madison who worked her guts out to have the perfect wedding. 

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