August 21, 2013

Product Review

I've been searching for great lip color for quite some time. I once almost bought some lip stuff from Sephora, for a whopping $35, but the attendant luckily switched the two products I bought, so I paid $10 for the lip stuff. Noticing my bag was pretty light, I understood the mistake, returned the lip stuff, and just took the $10 nail polish, acknowledging the universe didn't want me to spend that much on one item, let alone lip gloss.

As much as I have come to love Lipstick, (which I never thought would happen) I always felt like I have to put on something else (ie chapstick, carmex, or lipgloss) in addition, and it takes some time for 2 or more products each time. But lucky for me, Revlon has created a solution. I picked up the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter at Target, and I am in love. Yes, it cost just about as much as Lipstick, about 8 dollars, but I figure, if it's all I need to apply, I'll take the plunge. Happy to report it's soft going on, and doesn't sacrifice the color at all. I bought a darker shade of pink since fall may get here sometime.

If you are unsure about which colors to choose, Pinterest as always is here to help!
I've made an exact replica of the pin I found, without the annoying watermark.

Happy Kissing!

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