July 10, 2013

The Associated Students of the University of Utah

I don't want to be long winded about how great my experience was, so I thought I'd give you pictures as a small snippet of my ginourmous-amazing-fantastic-life-altering 9 months with ASUU.

Epicness on the way to the Snake River
Morning of RedFest our Fall Concert = 12 Hour Day
Meeting Fictionist!

Met the now Prime Minister of Egypt

Advisor Tom Hurtado on his classic '79 Vespa

Beat BYU 3 Times

Campus Events Board Tag

Homecoming= The pic no one was ready for

Spring Carnival
Framing this

Katie Herzig at the Grand Kerfuffle

Lunch with President Pershing


 The people I worked with changed me so much. In the best way possible. The wonderful people in this office stretched my beliefs about myself, my religion, my outlook on life, and how much pizza I was actually capable of eating in a 9 month period. Now a few months out, I am sad not to be there anymore, but as all the cheesy love songs state, each and every memory and person will always be with me. So grateful for the time I got to spend, and how lucky I was to even discover such a wonderful place that became a second home to me. Thank you to all of those who made it spectacular for me. I hope I could do some small part to make it great for others as well.

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