August 11, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Here's the deal. Women across the nation are going to be paying their $8 to see Ryan Gosling with his shirt off. We all knew that from the moment the trailers hit theaters. I really am enjoying almost everything Emma Stone is doing these days, she's fantastic. I really went for her in all actuality. I don't know how you can't like Steve Carrel. There just is no way possible. After seeing Dan in Real Life, I was hooked. But I was really hoping this wouldn't just be another comedy filled with some great moments, and a lot of unnecessary gross-ness. Too bad it was.

Stoneman Says..... skip it.

Save your pennies and rent it. Watch the Emma Stone storyline, and skip the teenage son storyline. Go see The Help instead. I'm planning on it being as fantastic as Debby says the book is. 

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