October 7, 2014


Hey Team,

We moved at work last week, so I'm just barely coming out of my cave. It's so strange how moving can be so emotional. I understand the stress, and the huge toll it takes on your body moving all of your stuff, even work stuff up to a new location. But we have copious amounts of sunshine not being in the basement, and I want to mention I was the first one in the office to be up and running, computer, scanner, telephone and all.

Strangely enough I've been listening to a John Mayer song over and over, for some closure, and not for the work location, but just a silly boy who doesn't choose to chase after me. I don't know why I sometimes need to just have a moment for some things, but typically I do. Truly, I don't even need it, but here I am on the 3rd day of it on repeat. Do you need closure for situations that may not even call for it?

Here's to a genius on his guitar,


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