September 5, 2014

Fly Through

Hey team,

Happy Friday. We made it through our 4 day work week. I'm currently:
Full of Zepponie's Pizza (just had lunch with Debby) (My mother).
I'm chewing some ice left over from my excellent cherry coke.
I've just tried on a new polo for work, I'm going a size bigger cause it's a little snug, and that's okay. Long torso, ya know? But the color looks great with my blue eyes.
Got a chocolate dove bar waiting to be devoured once I'm not so full.
Going to ComicCon tonight with my bestie Jeffrey, and I can't wait.
And finally, I'm listening to this song on repeat. Forever.

Sometimes when you think "nothing" is happening, everything is happening. You rock, life.

Have a great weekend,


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