August 24, 2014

The Book Theif

Hey Team,

Sorry I have been a little absent. Been working the budget a little too much, and I just need to cool it. I'm working in two vacations before the year is out, and it takes some careful planning right? Mostly because I'm hoping to start tackling my student loans com January, so there isn't room for any other debt come January. So four monstrous zits have made their way to my face and are staying for the duration of the summer apparently.

I am however more sorry I've neglected telling you about this fantastic book. I went hard core style by refraining from seeing the movie and read the source material first. Listened I should say. The narrator was fantastic with the many voices needed for the book. It is actually narrated by death, and it wove a story I won't soon forget. I've been told the movie was a little softer than the book, so if you are looking for a great WWII read, please look it up. I found the audiobook at the library myself.

Here's to words,


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  1. the book thief is our book of book club this month- im halfway through and enjoy it. not like i do others but its def eye opening. cant wait to see the movie