April 28, 2014


Hey Team,

As promised, here's my Vegas post. So my best friend Jeffrey turned the big 3-0 a week ago, and my sister and I decided to take him to Sin City on Good Friday. Seemed appropriate. So the day after all the Comic Con happenings happened, we flew out of Salt Lake, and down to the strip. We stayed at the Monte Carlo, props to Jeff for finding us a great deal on flight and hotel. Looking back, Friday was super chill. It was as if we were going down to Vegas to hang out in our hotel. We even watched Ellen since one of Jessica's favorite bands was appearing as the musical guest. Then Jeff and I went poolside and went a little nuts on some nachos and drinks. For dinner we walked over to the Hard Rock Cafe and had some delicious food. I even got a sign that originally appeared on the Killer's Sam's Town Tour, which I saw back in 2006 at Great Salt Air.
I see London...I see Sam's Town

Hard Rock Cafe View

Birthday Boy

Then Saturday we had a oober lazy morning and we were ready to eat. We attempted to find the Hash House, which was on the north end of the strip and walked liked pioneer children down to the other end to find that their wait was only an hour and a half. So thankfully we stopped to get some refreshments, and headed over to Serendipity, famous for their appearance in that awful Rom Com with John Cusack, and frozen hot chocolate. Safe to say we ate every last morsel, but saved enough room for the frozen hot chocolate.

Then we walked and walked even more down to Ceasar's Palace and Jeff went a little nuts at H&M, while Jessica got a few things. I resisted knowing how much I had purchased at Comic Con. Then we walked all the way back up to Monte Carlo, and I showered and crashed. We then had to head to Mandalay Bay for Bastille, and we found a tram that takes you there from Excalibur! It was like manna from heaven. Once we got there, we knew we wouldn't have enough time to eat at the House of Blues, and get into the Venue. Originally we thought we were going to have to stand the whole time, but luckily we had actual seats, and also got to order from the menu and have dinner inside the concert venue. It was an amazing show, and I can't wait for the boys of Bastille to come back to Utah.

Jeffrey even got a chandelier sombrero hat!
Too bad all my pics of the concert were blurry

We packed a lot in, but made it home in time to eat some serious ham and Easter candy.

Here's to vacations,



  1. Fun!!!! Is that a frozen hot chocolate I see? Those are my favorite!

    1. Yes, it was like manna from heaven! I'll have to come to the New York location! :)