April 30, 2014

Copy Cat

Hey Team, 

I'm blatantly copying taking stock from Sydney, but I liked it so much I thought I would give it a shot. 

Making: Self-Portrait for my design class with oil paints

Cooking: Hot Egg Sandwiches with Turkey, Cheese and BBQ sauce for John, Ezma and I to share in the morning after the gym

Drinking: Juice, which is off limits on my diet plan, Sorry Becky

Reading: Technically I finished Divergent, and now all I want is to see the movie

Wanting: My massage to come faster, which is scheduled for Saturday #whitepeopleproblems

Looking: For love in all the wrong places

Playing: Frozen Free Fall, currently stuck on level 104

Wasting: Time, but hell, when don't I?

Wishing: The AC in my car was a little more abundant

Enjoying: Having the option of rolling down my windows in my car

Waiting: For Penny and Jentry to come for their visit in June

Liking: Finding dear friends on Tinder, and then teasing them about being on Tinder

Wondering: How many people will attend my ward's summer over-nighter in June

Loving: Having the sun come up earlier when I go to the gym each morning

Hoping: I can pass my licensing test in between semesters

Marveling: At the cottonwoods across the street with a million leaves already here

Needing: Some new shoes 

Smelling: The amazing hair products these ladies use when getting ready at the gym, too shy to ask

Wearing: As always, my favorite U of U sweatpants whenever I can get away with it

Following: Robert Downey Jr. on Twitter!

Noticing: Some definition

Knowing: I need to have more self-confidence

Thinking: Why is my room so messy all the time

Feeling: Like I would love to read for pleasure more often

Opening: New headphones for the gym

Giggling: Over some little punks who can barely lift ten pounds at the gym

Feeling: Nearly Content

Here's to taking stock, 


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