April 22, 2014

Comic Con

Hey Team,

So as you probably guessed, I headed back for the mid-year Comic Con in Salt Lake last Thursday. My best friend Jeff got me a three day pass for Christmas, so we happily made our way downtown in our Doctor Who T-shirts which we purchased last time, and got ourselves into the festivities. Now, if you think Airport people watching is amazing, you probably have never tried Comic Con people watching. It's a league all it's own. The costumes, the lack of showers for some, and the pure joy of it all is pretty fantastic. It's like a fairyland for adults and kids alike. I went bonkers buying all kinds of prints and I can't wait to get them framed and up on my walls. I even found Jessica a sweet Bob Dylan print which was a great find, and the artist himself told me I was the first person to know who it was. I replied with "I was raised correctly." I also found my semi-annual Doctor Who T-shirt for the year, from one of my favorite artists I found on Pinterest. It's like all of my worlds were colliding at once. Karen Hallion is her name. Making clever works of art is her game. So excited to wear it everywhere, everyday.

But joking aside, the real reason I love Comic Con is that you just feel like a little kid, running around to all of these different booths with crazy and whack-o stuff, and sometimes you feel at home with these other fans, and other times you feel like you are pretty well-adjusted and okay at life. Overall, the sense of belonging is tangible, and the brotherhood that you feel among all of these freaks and geeks is just spectacular.

So here's a few shots.

An entire section was dedicated to legos. It was pretty impressive. This is the scene from the Two Towers where the trees attack the tower, and the dam breaks. 
Jeff's excited face viewing the tower and eating cinnamon covered cashews.
He's also holding some of the prints I bought like a true gentleman. 
Besties with the Tardis. 
Here's to ComicCon coming back in September!


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