March 6, 2014

Boy Blogs

Hey Team,

If you've ever worked over my list of blogs that I follow and read, it's sure girl heavy. Let's be real, we're pretty amazing, and I don't follow anyone who is lame.

But I've added two new blogs that are written by MALES!

Check out Seth Godin's Blog, author of Linchpin, and recent and great read that I'll probably have to go back to about 5 times to absorb everything. Some of the main themes cover not being average at work, and knowing how to make yourself stand out in all the best ways.

Next is a Jack Messer, a friend who I went to Junior High and High School with. His blog, Adventures of A Common Fellow is a great mix of stories, recommendations, and all around funny stuff.

So there's some more manly stuff for you to read.


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