January 2, 2014

Fitness Goals

Hey Team,

I wanted to quickly tell you about two apps that I use to continue motivating me to hit the gym.

The first, is called Balanced. It's like a nice to do list, where you check off what you have done, or skip until the next go round. It's plays a nice sound, and says "You're Great!" whenever I've said I've worked out, and it's great. I added other things like See a Friend, or Write a Blog Post, so I make sure to do things that are important all the time. You can even add in how often you'd like to do the activity, like 3 times a week, etc.
The only setback of the app? I don't like how it's a constant to do list, I wish the item would disappear until the next time you wanted to see it, like the next day, or the day after that. But it's still nice to have an app cheer you on when you've accomplished something.

The second app is called Fit List. This is a way to keep track of workouts, or just feel really great about all that you've done at the gym, on a run, or at home working out. You simply find the moves you've been doing for the day, like sit ups, and enter in the amount of reps. For weights or machines, you just add in reps and weight or time. Then you choose what kind of reward you would like to receive, and then your points add up as you save your workouts, and add in the info each time you work out.
The only downside to this app is it will probably take a few months to get enough points to spend any money on amazon, but heck, it's good to go back and at least see a virtual journal of what I've lifted at the gym alone.

So I hope those help in your everyday goals for 2014.


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