October 25, 2013

Brits do it Best

Hey Team,

Happiest of Friday's go out to you. This week has felt like 5 Mondays for me, but I somehow made it.

So here's some Youtubes and pics from across the big blue that make me so happy. Sometimes all I want to do is move to London to watch television and go to concerts.

Snowed Under

**Side Note: A few years back at Christmas my sweet sister Jessica got me a scarf with the words to this song on it, all the way from Merry England. It is one of my favorite things.

***In Honor of All Hallows Eve

Skinny Love

***Right!? She's like 18.

James Arthur
Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

James Arthur
Your Nobody 'Till Somebody Loves You

***This is the winner of X Factor UK 2012. His album cannot be released fast enough in the U.S. of A. Get it together iTunes.

Alan Rickman Off

Tom Hiddleston Dancing

Cookie Monster and Hiddleston

You're Welcome. 

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