June 2, 2013

Do it Now

Hello Blog and Everyone,

It's truly been a hot minute. But here I am returning and typing. It's funny how Ingrid Michaelson's Do it Now JUST came on Pandora as I opened up this new post. Ever since my last post, I feel like three lifetimes have passed by. There's a two way commotion going on in my brain. One says, it's only April 28th right? The other counters "IT'S JUNE 2nd you PUTZ!" So, either way, a lot has happened in a short amount of time. I've finished up my second to last semester and walked with the big kids as commencement. It felt weird comparing my high school commencement with my college graduation from the University of Utah. THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS, A FREAKING UNIVERSITY. Me, almost done with that whole College thing. It's only been 5 and a half years of learning, mostly the hard way, which for me is procrastination lane. But I have encountered the best of people along my path, and I'm so very frightened trying to figure out where I'll meet the next bunch of fantastic folks. It's strange after doing something for so long to transition into something new, something extremely unknown, so foreign and adult. Like just working 40 or so hours in a week has been pretty weird. I'll look over my shoulder and ask myself, "aren't you supposed to be in class?" Luckily the evil Math 1030 awaits, so I'll be back in the classroom soon enough. Hopefully the fantastic Khan Academy will get my lazy math butt back in gear, and I can actually finish my last general credit and I can get a diploma in the mail. The diploma holder thing is currently sitting on my dresser, just waiting to actually hold the official paper. So please wish me any luck or good vibes you can muster. I sure as hell will need them.

In other news and happenings, the other class I'm taking this summer will take me up to Montana, to be on a shoot. That's right peeps, an actual shoot. Like I'm gonna be part of a crew, shooting film, which the Department of Humanities will use, and it will also end up on PBS. I am truly so lucky to get to do this, and I know it will be really telling if I'm cut out to do film. As far as any career goes, you truly have to be dedicated to enjoy it and feel like it is rewarding, but film is a pretty big can of worms. It's a tough industry to get into or have a name in. Based on what I've heard from 20-somethings like me starting out, you sometimes spend most of your career paying dues, and not really being able to do what you want. So there's a lot riding on this, and I couldn't be more excited. I'll keep you posted. There are many posts yet to come, I need to cover my last 9 months with ASUU, Graduation, and also if I can muster the courage, a look at my film reel. To this point I haven't really had the gumption to do it, but I suppose if you can't share your work, what point is there in making anything?

So there's the latest. See you soon. Thanks as always for reading.




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