June 7, 2012

Summer Breeze...Makes Me Feel Fine....

 Hey Team,

Sorry it has been a while. I've decided to truly bite off more than I can chew, and here I am, constantly chewing. But as they say, I'm eating this elephant one bite at a time. Here's what going on.

  • I'm getting done with my college career. Not to say I am ruling out a Master's Degree, but I may die from exhaustion before I can pursue anything else. I have 3 semesters left, summer semester included.  So I'm currently taking 22 credits. Yowza. Two of those credits include an internship at an advertising company. Four of those credits include a telecourse, which means I DVR my class from 3-5 am, and I watch it later. BUT STILL. I'm doing okay thus far, thanks to my friends and family who talk me down from the cliff almost everyday. But my DARS (graduation report) has never looked more green (green=classes completed), and I'm so close to graduating I can taste it. I'm loving parking on campus because NO ONE IS HERE. It's so very nice. I'm even becoming sentimental when I drive to and from campus, and thinking about the future. Dun DUN DUUUUN. 
  • I've accepted a position in ASUU. This is the Associated Students of the University of Utah, it doesn't have anything to do with my sisters Alma Matter. So this means I'm in charge of some things. I'm really excited about. I'm so grateful to have this opportunity. FO REAL. It's gonna be legit.
  • I have a wonderful job, and I work with amazing people. I am so grateful they put up with my crazy schedule/life everyday, and they are even happy to see me most days. This is my safe place. I love my job. 
  • I wish I could say this paragraph is dedicated to my wonderful boyfriend who treats me like a princess, and takes me on romantic dates....blah, blah, and more blah. I have what I call school husbands. "We're reverse Mormons. One man is not enough for her." (I LOVE NEW GIRL!) Professors, Advisors, Directors, you name it, they own me for the next year. But I do have a crush. One of my professors is so wonderful. Young, enthusiastic, fun, and so endearing with his adult braces on top. But he's so great! I'm truly having the "Tony Soprano Effect". (I'm in love with my shrink. No, I'm not going to whack someone.) He teaches the class about roles, non-verbal communication, you name it. He knows all in my opinion, and I'm quietly humming Don't Stand So Close to Me while I'm sitting in the back of the class. Team I have ARRIVED! I'm living one of my favorite Police songs! So when we cover romantic relationships, everyone pray for me. I won't ask him out, but man would I like to.  
So there's the sitch. I am truly loving my crazy, beautiful life. I am so blessed to be busy, to have important things to do, which make me feel so useful, helpful, and happy. This last year of college will truly be the most meaningful, because I'm doing all that I can to enhance my work, school, and personal experiences with others. People are truly the most important part of any happiness we will ever experience in our lives. I love meeting new people and seeing things from their point of view.  I'm so grateful for everyone in my life that pushes me to be better, cut the crap, and get on with it.
So thank you. If you need me, I'll be in LNCO.

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