October 17, 2011

Sorry I have been A-Wol

Hello Team. I usually don't do personal posts but the following is so bear with me. I'm sorry it has been a few months since I've posted but a lot has been going on.

Summer has ended, and fall is officially here. 38 days until Thanksgiving, and a turkey trot with my family. If you know me well the only time I run is away from rapists and during crazy black Friday sales. So we shall see how that goes. I'll most likely walk the entire way.

My best friend since birth is home from his mission. So relieved he is back and is returning to normalcy. "My cousin" is almost too formal of a title, it's like he's my brother, only he lives somewhere else. Only a few more homecomings and then I absolutely refuse to go to them for about ten years.

My sister Jessica has moved home from College (SUU) and we have been going to concert after concert (but she blogs about that not me). I think we did 10 concerts this summer. I think my favorite moments in a concert is when the "theme songs" of your life are played and you just share that connection with not only the audience, but the artist who wrote the song. For a brief moment you are taken away from all worry somehow, and you just revel in their talent and creativity. Fantastic shows.

We've been taking care of my brother's dog EZMA, (emperor's new groove villain) for a few months. It's safe to say I'm a dog person through and through. This schnauzer has made her way into my heart, and my family will sorely miss her when she goes back to Seattle. My favorite is opening my door in the morning or coming home at night and she happily wags her short little tail and jumps up to say hello. Sweetest doggie ever.

I'm back in school once again for another semester at the U and I'm really enjoying my classes. The Sundance Film Festival approaches and I'm very excited to return for my second year.

That's about all. New ward. New job. Just life as we know it. Fall movie list to come. Cheers.

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  1. Um...I love this post. I'd TOTALLY have to agree with you on the concert thing, where you connect with the artist in that brief moment. Happened to me so many times I can't even count it. Great, great call.